Dan Atkinson was born and raised in Watertown, WI.

In Oct, 2001 Dan enlisted in the U.S. Army  and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. In 2005 Dan used his G.I. Bill to enroll as a full-time student at The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He then transferred to UW - Milwaukee where he received his Bachelors of Fine Arts:  Print and Narrative Form.

Dan currently offers custom granite etchings to families and headstone companies throughout the Midwest. In between headstones etchings he repurposes salvaged bricks into conceptual and functional art, he also creates hand-carved linoleum block prints. Dan is heavily influenced by his time spent abroad and years working on tombstones. His work often offers ideas of home, calm, and civility. Always with a touch of hope, humor - or despair.   

Group exhibits

2017 Manicured Nature, Var Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2017 Gallery night, Gallery 326, Milwaukee, WI

2016 30X30X30, Var Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2013 Print/mke, Southern Graphics International, Milwaukee, WI

2013 15th Anniversary pop-up, Milwaukee Empty Bowls, Milwaukee WI

2010 Beyond the canvas, Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, Milwaukee WI

Solo exhibits

2017 Gallery night, Historic Mil. INC, Milwaukee, WI

2016 Prints & Bricks, Rogues Gallery, Milwaukee, WI


Linoleum prints, also called linocut, is a form of printmaking where a print is pulled from a carved sheet of linoleum. Basically a hand carved stamp. Every print is numbered and signed. 



The bricks are salvaged from demolition sites, old chimneys, abandoned houses, and neighborhood basements.

Cream city bricks - Produced in Milwaukee, cream city bricks were the desired and abundant building materials during the late 1800's. A creamy, light yellow brick, made from clay found in the Menomonee River Valley - Southwest bank of Lake Michigan. These bricks became a major export for Milwaukee. The city built so many of its homes and business using these bricks, Milwaukee, WI became known as The Cream City.

Chicago pink bricks - Also known as Chicago common brick; reclaimed from demolition sites. Also known as "Old Chicago" brick, these are natural clay bricks made in the Chicago area from the late 1800's up until the early 1970's. They come in varying tones of pink and buff, but the general hue is usually a terra-cotta color ranging from light to medium pink or salmon color, sometimes with highlights of gold, yellow or even flecks of black. - Vintage Brick Salvage


Collaborations & commissions are welcomed. dan@creamcitybricks.com